Homescreen, May 2021

From time to time, I’m going to document what apps made it to my homescreen, why, and what wallpaper I currently have set. For this inaugural post, I have a many apps to highlight since I’ve been doing quite some changes lately.

But before that, I wanted to briefly talk about how my homescreen is structured. Since Apple introduced Widgets and the App Library, I’ve sticked to this same layout:

  • Medium size widget at the very top for Calendar.
  • Small size widget at middle-left for Weather.
  • Four document-based/finance apps at middle-right.
  • Four media consumption/navigation apps at bottom-left.
  • Small size widget at bottom-right for Uno.
  • Four communication apps in the Dock.

I’m right-handed so early on I decided to place two widgets at the very top and middle-left that I’d barely interact with. And with those zones covered, everything else can be easily reached one-handed.

And that’s it—now let’s dive into the actual homescreen and app highlights:



I used to use Notes app for most of my writing but its rich text formatting can often prove itself problematic depending on what’s the output target.

Ulysses offers solid customization, organization, formatting features and a wide range of exporting options.


A few days ago I wrote about bringing (my data) back to the blog and how I’d approach social media going forward.

Feedbin plays a key role in this change, as it’s a much saner way to read Twitter and RSS. It allows me to filter out tweets or articles I have no interest in or surface what I want to be sure to read.


Unlike instant messengers, I have a special relationship with email. I enjoy the crafting, the pacing and how personal it can be. It’s my favorite type of written communication.

I only had the chance to give Hey a try now that it supports custom domains, and the more I use it the less I can imagine going back. Hey makes dealing with email fun and organized in a (very) opinionated way.


YouTube is a privacy nightmare, and it gives me the creeps I have it on my homescreen (or my phone to begin with).

I subscribe to quite a few video podcasts channels and unfortunately, there are no reasonable options or third-party clients that support 1080p/4K resolution and downloads for offline viewing.

Karina’s Shortcut

At first, I wanted to make a widget for this but due to iOS limitations I just created a homescreen shortcut for it.

Basically, what this shortcut does is to act as some sort of speed dial for calling, messaging, and finding my wife with ease.


You can download it here.

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